The Taught Curriculum -
Bringing the curriculum to life through instruction.

Classroom instruction is the daily work of teaching.  Instruction in Pearl River classrooms is designed in alignment with our written curricula.  In addition, faculty employ a variety of strategies to meet the needs of our students and engage them in the learning process.  Consequently, instruction may vary within classrooms from day to day as we support the goal that "every child can and will learn." Framed by the common core curriculum, instruction is dynamic in nature reflecting:

  • strategic use of direct instruction, guided practice and independent student work
  • whole group, small group, and indvidual work
  • collaborative and independent work
  • content specific instructional strategies
  • flexibility in meeting both group and individual learning needs
  • multiple learning modalities and styles
  • alignment of homework with current classroom learning

Key Shift in Instruction - With the adoption of the common core learning standards, there is an emphasis on students engaged in the work of learning and more specifically reading to learn.


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