MySchoolBucks School Store

This online payment service provides a quick and easy way to pay for school-related purchases. With the initial roll-out, you can now pay for Field Trips for your students.  In the future, you will be able to pay for additional items such as Fundraisers, Donations, and more.

Parents may deposit money into their child’s account through the online payment system MySchoolBucks or by sending in cash/check with their child to school. Please note that upon leaving the district, no refunds will be issued for accounts below $10.00.  If you are moving out of the district and are eligible for a refund, please email Maria Algera.



Convenience:  Available 24/7 on the web. 

Efficiency:   Make purchases for all your students, even if they attend different schools within the district.  Eliminate the need for your students to take money to school.

Flexibility:  Make payments using credit/debit cards and electronic checks.

Security:  MySchoolBucks adheres to the highest security standards, including PCI and CISP.

General information and transaction fees

Enrollment Process

If you are already using MySchoolBucks to pay for school lunches, your account is already set-up and ready to go!  Just login and click on the new link to Store.  If you are not currently enrolled,
follow these easy steps: 

1. Got to and register for a free account.
2. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.
3. Add your student(s) using the school name(s) and student id(s).
4. Make purchases with your credit/debit card or electronic check.

Need Help?

If you have any questions on how to use MySchoolBucks:

Online: Visit and click on Help/FAQs
By phone:  1-855-832-5226

For additional information or questions, contact Maria Algera at 620-3833.