Grade Configuration Study

Grade Configuration Study

In response to recent community interest, the Pearl River School District initiated a study of the current configuration of grade levels and the associated schools to determine if we are administering the best possible program for our students and community. As part of that study, the District will consider the following factors:

  • The current space utilization and projected short and long term enrollment
  • Potential program enhancements/limitations due to space utilization
  • Benefits and disadvantages of moving 5th grade and 8th grade from current schools
  • Benefits and disadvantages of grouping elementary schools by grade level
  • Community support for a reorganization

As part of this study, parent and school community experiences, perceptions, and preferences will be considered as an important factor in determining the configuration of the Pearl River Schools for the future

Road map for the study:

  • Examine the current program for 5th graders & 8th graders - Dec. 11
  • Gather stakeholder input from focus groups - Jan 2019
  • Present focus group results and recommend research agenda to Board of Education - February 27, 2019
  • Conduct feasibility study (based on all feedback & research) - March 2019
  • Present recommendation to the Board of Education - March 12, 2019

View Board of Education Presentation, December 11, 2018:  Grade Configuration Study: Fifth and Eighth Grade Students 

View Board of Education Presentation, February 27, 2019:   Grade Configuration Study: Stakeholder Feedback Presentation  

View Complete Configuration Survey Results: 

View Board of Education Presentation, March 12, 2019:   Grade Configuration Study: Recommendations

View Board of Education Presentation, March 26, 2019:  Grade Configuration Study: Opportunities for Improvement