About Our Programs


Full range special education services including pre-school special education support

After-school childcare program
Over 1000 computers for instruction; all computers have audio and internet
Smart Boards throughout the district
Wireless connectivity throughout the district
Laptops and tablets for students and faculty

Elementary & Pre-K:
Full Day Kindergarten
Art, music, and physical education beginning in kindergarten
Computers in every elementary classroom

Middle School:
Team structure at the middle school
Foreign Language begins in 6th grade as an introductory course;  7th graders take foreign language every day for the year
Instrumental instruction beginning in the 5th grade
Over 10 clubs in the middle school 
One (1) full-scale theater productions annually at the middle school
At least one (1) computer in every middle school classroom
Six (6) technology classrooms/computer labs at the middle school; one for each team
1:1 Chromebook Program has been implemented for students in grades 5-7

High School:
11 Advanced Placement courses at the high school

Fifteen (15) college credit courses from the State University of New York (SUNY)
One (1) college credit course from Syracuse University
Ten (10) honor societies

Over 30 clubs in the high school
Over 70 athletic teams: modified, junior varsity, varsity
Multiple intramural sports teams

Three (3) full-scale theater productions annually at the high school
At least one (1) computer in every high school classroom
Four (4) technology classrooms at the high school
1:1 Chromebook Program being implemented for students in grades 8-12 (September 2019)
Smart Boards or Digital Displays in most classrooms


A differentiated educational program responds to the varying needs of advanced learners by challenging their intellectual talents.  Enrichment, alternative, accelerated, and individually prescribed activities are provided within regular classroom studies in grades 1 through 7.   At the high school, enrichment is offered through honors, college, and Advanced Placement courses.


FLEx - Flexible Learning Exchange - is a period of time set aside in each elementary school day for students in grades kindergarten through four to receive a variety of enrichment and/or support services as an extension of their classroom instruction.  During FLEx, students may receive academic intervention, speech, resource room, occupational and/or physical therapy for anywhere from 20 - 45 minutes.  Classroom learning experiences may include centers or provide reinforcement for groups or individuals.   Students also use this time for research, writing, and technical activities.

Parent Involvement

  • Four (4) PTAs - one at each elementary and middle school
  • One (1) PTSA at the high school
  • Monthly Parent Advisory Council meetings with parents and administrators
  • Parent University
  • Representation on Building Leadership Teams, Interview Committees, Budget Vote Committee, Special Task Forces

Title I

The Title I (academic intervention) in reading, writing, and math provides skills, comprehension, and concept development for students who demonstrate needs in these areas.  Placement in this program is based on teacher recommendation, evaluation of classroom performance,  and analysis of standardized test results.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Funding for Pre-K and Statewide Full Day Pre-K is available on a limited basis for families of children who will be four (4) years old on or before December 1st.  Contact "Child Care Resources of Rockland" at (845) 425-0009 for details about their program.  Applications are available on the Child Care Resources of Rockland website.