BOE Member Profiles

Pearl River School District Board of Education

The Pearl River School District Board of Education consists of five members - a president, vice president and three members. They are elected at large for three year terms. The Board functions as a unit and makes resolutions about the District's educational programs and financial matters. Their actions have the force of law in the District's schools, and the control and supervision of school district property. Within the framework of education law, the Board concerns itself with broad questions of policy, both their own and those recommended by its executive officer, the Superintendent of Schools. As the legislative and policy-making body of the district, the Board is firmly committed to provide the best education possible within the resources of the Pearl River School District, always striving for continuous improvement.

Two student representatives, a junior and senior in good standing at Pearl River High School, participate actively on the Board. They are elected by the student body in their junior year to a two-year term. They represent the student body and report to the board on district activities and accomplishments at each meeting.