Adult Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program strives to provide members of our adult community with a variety of opportunities to engage in lifelong learning.  We offer courses to encourage healthy lifestyles, increase skills, pursue passions, and meet new people in a friendly environment.   We also offer 
trips to various theater productions; these events include transportation and lunches prior to the performance. 

                           "Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." - unknown

Welcome to Our Spring 2019 Semester

Our semester begins the week of February 25th.  Brochures have been mailed to Pearl River School District residents. Hard copies of of the brochure are available at our PRSD administration building and the
Pearl River Public library.  An electronic copy is on the left-hand side of this web page.

Classes and trips run based on enrollment; please mail-in your registrations early to avoid disappointment of full or cancelled classes/trips!  Check individual courses for start date.

- "To Kill A Mocking Bird is FULL, as is the wait list 

COURSE UPDATES -  The following classes are CLOSED:
- Computers
Knitting for All 
- Love Your Apple iPad/iPod
- MELT Method
- Senior Fitness #1 & #2 


Spring Theater Trips

New Instructors Sought

Pearl River School District continually seeks new instructors for our adult enrichment program. We are looking for experienced individuals with fresh ideas in a variety of areas. The courses may consist of one or multiple sessions and last up-to 8 weeks in duration. Classes are held Monday - Thursday, after school and evenings; we have no weekend classes. Instructors are not permitted to use the classroom for personal gain or to solicit students as clients. PRSD is not responsible for any advice or consultation given beyond the general classroom setting and course curriculum. If interested in applying for our next semester, please complete a course proposal form and email, along with your resume, to or mail to our office at the address above. Click this link for access to the form: New Course Proposal Form