Welcome to Facilities Management

Pearl River School District's Office of Facilities Management oversees operations for custodial, maintenance, grounds, and environmental compliance for the district's eight buildings and a campus that totals 90 acres.  In addition, the department manages the life cycle process for general maintenance and capital bond projects, including discovery, planning, funding, implementation, and sustainability. The office is also responsible for the internal and external mail services for the entire district.  The facilities department is responsible for:

  -  All custodial repairs
  -  Grounds maintenance including all playgrounds and athletic fields
  -  Major systems repairs, including mechanical, electrical, heating, & structural

Over 1,500 work orders are scheduled and completed in the course of a typical year.  Our maintenance employees also collaborate on and accomplish numerous small renovation projects.  They also monitor the work of outside contractors.  In addition, they monitor the automated temperature control system.  

The facilities administrative staff is responsible for the operation of the computerized work order system and the purchase of all supplies and materials.  This department also overseas the district safety programs.

Both management and staff are committed to the health and safety of all students, staff, and community members, as well as to providing an effective  and efficient environment for academic learning, athletic programs, and extracurricular events. 

Use of School Facilities

School facilities are available throughout the year for use by community organizations and non-for-profit groups.  Pearl River School District policy dictates acceptable use of the facilities.  School-related programs are always given priority.

Request to Use School Facilities:

1.  Prior to your submitting a request, please refer to the following documents:

-  Pearl River School District Board of Education Policy 1500R - Public Use of School Facilities Regulation

Current Facility Usage Fees Schedule

2.  Please use the following form to request a school venue for your event:

Request and Permit for Use of School Facilities

3.  To pay your Facility Usage Fee invoice online, please click the following link:

-  Facility Usage Fee
If you have any question regarding the use of facilities, please contact Robert Nelan at nelanr
@pearlriver.org or 620-3856.

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