Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)


The Board of Education (“Board”) is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment within its schools.  In accordance with New York State’s “Dignity for All Students Act” (“DASA”) the Board is committed to promptly addressing incidents of harassment and/or discrimination of students that impede students’ ability to learn. This includes bullying, taunting or intimidation in all their myriad forms.

Pearl River School District DASA Coordinators

Co-District Coordinators
Kathleenann Cool, Principal, Lincoln Avenue Elementary
coolk@pearlriver.org   Tel: (845) 620-3815
Dr. Kristin Talleyrand, Assistant Principal, Pearl River Middle School   
talleyrandk@pearlriver.org   Tel: (845) 620-3870

Pearl River High School Building Level Coordinators
Suzanne Horton, Assistant Principal

Andrea Pompey, Assistant Principal
275 E. Central Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965     Tel:  (845) 620-3800 

Pearl River Middle School Building Level Coordinator
Dr. Kristin Talleyrand, Assistant Principal
520 Gilbert Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965     Tel:  (845) 620-3870

Evans Park Elementary School Building Level Coordinator
Peggy Lynch, Principal
40 Marion Place, Pearl River, NY 10965     Tel: (845) 620-3952

Franklin Avenue Elementary School Building Level Coordinator
Maureen Alaimo, Principal
48 Franklin Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965     Tel:  (845) 620-3967

Lincoln Avenue Elementary School Building Level Coordinator
Kathleenann Cool, Principal
115 Lincoln Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965     Tel:  (845) 620-3815