Registration Process

Online Registration Process

Please read each step of the registration process before beginning to ensure that all steps are completed.  After Step One, you will need to return to this webpage to ensure you have all the required documentation to send in to the Registration Office.  Any in-person registration meetings require an appointment - please call 845-620-3913 to make one.

Exception: If your child has already been registered for CPSE Services, you should not fill out an online application.  Instead, please call Mrs. Leone at
845-620-3913 to discuss the procedure for registering your child without an online application.


Registration for Families with a Parent Portal Account

If you have a child currently enrolled in Pearl River School District and have a Parent Portal login, please click on the link below.  When you get to the login screen, enter in your parent portal login information.  Once logged in, click "Register New Student".

Parent Portal Online Registration

If you have any questions about your portal account, please call the Office of Curriculum & Instruction at 620-3913.

STEP ONE: Registration for Families with NO Parent Portal Account

If you are new to Pearl River School District and you do not have a Parent Portal login, please click the link below to complete the online registration paperwork.  Note that you do not enter in a login or password; click the words "Online Registration" below the login information. 

Click the words "Online Registration" to register

Registration for Students New to PRSD 

If you have any questions about the registration paperwork, please call the Office of Curriculum & Instruction at 620-3913.


Upon successful completion of the online registration process in Step One above, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted.  That email will also include links to district forms that must to be completed and mailed/scanned to our Registration Office.  

If you do not see a confirmation email, please check your spam folder first.  If the email is not in your spam folder, you may reach out to Annette Leone either via telephone at 845-620-3913 or via email at

STEP THREE: Submitting Documentation

In addition to the district forms completed, the following documentation should be emailed or scanned to Annette Leone in our Registration Office:

1.  Birth Certificate, Passport, or other official documentation providing proof of birth

Health Examination Form. In accordance with New York State regulations, student physical examinations are required for all students entering
      Pearl River School District.  Please submit the most current examination form completed by your child's physician: 
      Required NYS School Health Examination Form
      Per NYS, this is the only health examination form that can be accepted by the district. 

3.  Immunization record.  Please review the NYS Health Department's immunization requirements for all students:  
      NYS Current Immunization Requirements

      Please submit the most current physical and list of immunizations, even if your child(ren) will be due for an examination and/or immunizations
      after your screening appointment later this school year.  Updated paperwork should be sent, if applicable.   

4.  Two proofs of residence within the Pearl River School DistrictCopies of envelopes are not acceptable.  Acceptable proofs of residence:
      - Mortgage Statement
      - Deed or Lease to house or apartment
      - Property Tax bill
      - Current Utility or Phone Bill that have been sent to the student's home address
      - Recent pay stub
      - Income tax form
      - Voter registration document or a state/other government issued ID

Email Address:
  Please include 'Student Registration' in the subject line.

Fax #: 845-920-0494   Please include 'Student Registration' on the cover sheet. 

If you do not have an email or access to a fax machine, all required documentation can also be mailed to our Registration Office at the address below. 
Please do not drop off any paperwork.

PRSD Registration Office
135 W. Crooked Hill Rd.
Pearl River, NY 10965