PRSD Enrollment Boundaries

Pearl River School District Enrollment Boundaries

The Pearl River School District boundaries include most of Pearl River and portions of Nanuet, Orangeburg, West Nyack, and Tappan.  Pearl River does not accept out-of-district students on a tuition basis for any reason other than special education placements through BOCES.  It is extremely important that prospective homeowners verify the address of the home they are planning to buy to be in the Pearl River School District.  A list of properties contained within the Pearl River School District by street address appears below. 

Enrollment of Elementary Students: PRSD has centralized registration for our three K-4 elementary schools.  While geographic boundaries serve as a general guideline, school assignment will depend on class size and on the special education and ENL programming needs of the student.

Street Addresses A- E

Abbey Road  
Acacia Terrace
Adams Court
Ahlmeyer Street  
Alexa Court
Ann Street  
Apple Court
Arlene Court
Azalea Drive (from #12 evens & up and #17 odds & up)
Behrendt Drive  
Betsy Ross Drive
Birch Street  
Blaisdell Road
Blauvelt Avenue  
Blauvelt Road (10965 all #s; in 10913 - #551 only)
Blue Hill Road  
Bocket Road
Bogert Avenue  
Borger Place  
Brandywine Drive
Braunsdorf Road
Briarwood Lane  
Bridge Road  
Brightwood Avenue    
Brooks Avenue
Brown Drive (through #28)
Buchanan Street (through #116)  
Bunker Hill Road
Burdick Road
Butternut Drive  
Camelot Way
Cardean Street
Cardinal Street
Casazza Place
Cedar Avenue  
Center Street
Champ Avenue  
Charles Street  
Cherry Lane
Chestnut Street  
Chief Bill Harris Way 
Colonial Court  
Constitution Drive (except #58 & 60)  
Convent Road (RPC side)
Cowpens Drive
Dexter Avenue  
Douglas Court
Dorsey Court
Dove Street
Duhaime Road (through #55)
Dutchess Drive  
East Carroll Street
East Central Avenue 
East Crooked Hill Road 
East George Avenue  
East Lewis Avenue
East Nauraushaun Avenue 
East Park Avenue
East Washington Avenue
East Wildwood Drive  
Edsall Terrace
Ehrhardt Road (through #239 odd and #194 even)  
Elizabeth Street
Elm Street
Elmendorf Lane
Elwin Street  
Eric Drive
Ethan Allen Court
Evergreen Lane  

Street Addresses F - M

Fairmount Avenue    
Fairview Avenue
Fifth Avenue  
Fillmore Street  
Fisher Avenue (up to #80)  
Forest Avenue
Fort Lee Place
Franklin Avenue  
Friar Tuck Court
Gage Court
Garrecht Lane
Gilbert Avenue
Glen Court
Grand Avenue
Graney Court (#9 through 18; #45; and #47 through 58) 
Griffith Place  
Grove Street  
Guterl Terrace
Guttman Lane
Hansen Avenue
Harding Street  
Harold Street (#9 and up)    
Haven Terrace
Hawk Street
High Street  
Highview Avenue  
Hillside Avenue
Hilltop Drive
Hobart Street  
Hogan Lane  
Holt Drive
Horn Street (#27 & 28 only)  
Hunderfund Lane
Hunt  Avenue
Hunt Road  
Jay Street
Jefferson Avenue
Jensen Street
John Street
Joseph Bow Court
Julia Lane 
Kerry Court
Key Place (#106 & 107 only)  
King Arthur's Court
Kinsley Grove  
Ladik Place (#1 & 6 only)
Lang Terrace  
Lark Street  
Laurel Road (through #345)  
Legends Boulevard  
Lenape Road  
Levere Court  
Lincoln Avenue  
Linda Lane  
Lois Drive  
Lombardi Road  
Lt. Ahlmeyer Drive
Lt. Cox Drive  
1st Lt. Ferris Court
Madison Avenue (West of Rt. 304; East of Rt. 304)  
Maggiolo Lane  
Main Street
Manor Boulevard  
Mapleshade Avenue 
Margaret Keahon Drive (through #95)
Marion Place  
Martha Lane  
Martin Place  
Marycrest Road
McCandless Court  
McKinley Street  
Meadows Street
Mendolia Court  
Mercury Drive
Meyer Oval  
Michael Roberts Court
Minuteman Circle  
Monmouth Court  
Montgomery Road  
Moore Avenue  
Morristown Drive  
Mountainview Avenue  
Murray Court

Street Addresses N - R

Naomi Road
Neill Lane
Nicole Place  
North John Street  
North Henry Street  
North Lincoln Avenue
North Magnolia Street  
North Main Street  
North Middletown Road (odd #'s from E. Central Ave. to Rt. 304, excluding #27; even #'s from E. Central Ave. to Rt. 304, incl. #2; from E. Central Ave. to Old Middletown Rd.)
North Pearl Street  
North Road (#2 & 7 to 23) 
North Serven Street  
North Summit Street
North William Street
Noyes Street
Oldert Drive
O'Grady Court (Orangeburg)
Old Middletown Road
Old Pascack Road  
Old South Highland Avenue
Orangeburg Road (Pearl River)
Orangeburg Road, Old & New (Orangeburg)  
Oriole Street
Owen Place
Park Way  
Pascack Road (#135, 139, 141, 145, 155)
Patton Place  
Pauline Terrace  
Peach Street (through #33)
Pear Circle  
Pearce Parkway  
Pearl Crest Court  
Penn Court  
Penny Lane
Perillo Court  
Peterson Court  
PFC Dorsey Court
Phillips Lane
Phyllis Drive (#20 through 50)
Pilgrim Court (through #29)  
Plum Court
Prospect Place  
Prospect Street
Pulaski Court  
Quake Lane
Railroad Avenue    
Redcoat Lane
Reld Drive
Renee Lane
Reynolds Lane
Ridge Street  
Rizzo Circle  
Robert McPadden Street
Robin Street
Rockland Road
Rockland Psychiatric Center
Rollins Avenue  
Rolyn Hills Drive  
Roosevelt Street    
Route 304 (South of Middletown Road)
Rowan Road
Rutgers Road, East & West  

Street Addresses S - Z

Salina Road  
Salmar Avenue  
Sandhage Drive
Sandra Lane
Schindler Drive
Secor Boulevard
Sgt. Ingram Court  
Sherwood Lane  
Sickletown Road (10965 & 10962 zip codes only - not 10994)
Sickletown Woods  
South Henry Street  
South John Street  
South Highland Avenue (through #151)
South Magnolia Street
South Main Street
South Middletown Road  
South Mountainview Avenue
South Nauraushaun Avenue
South Pascack Road (through # 39)  
South Pearl Street
South Serven Street  
South William Street
Sparrow Lane  
Spencer Court  
Spreen Drive  
Springsteen Avenue  
Staubitz Avenue
Staff Court  
Stonehaven Road
Summit Street
Sunrise Lane  
Terence Court  
Tory Circle  
Townline Road (#123 & up; odds only with West Nyack, Nanuet, & Orangeburg addresses) 
Trenton Place  
Tulip Lane
Turner Road  
Twin Court
Valley Forge Place  
Van Buren Street    
Van Wormer Road  
Veteran's Parkway
Veteran's Memorial Drive
Villa Road (#4, 10, 23, & 25 only)  
Walter Street  
Washington Place  
West Carroll Street  
West Central Avenue
West Crooked Hill Road (through #262) 
West George Avenue
West Lewis Avenue
Westminster Drive  
West Nauraushaun Avenue
West Park Avenue
West Washington Avenue  
West Wildwood Drive
White Avenue
Wildwood Drive
W.O. Bauer Lane (Orangeburg)
Woodland Avenue
Woodland Terrace  
Woodway Drive  
Wright Street