Assessment for Students


The learned curriculum is reflected in the match between the written and taught curricula as measured in student performance.  We utilize a variety of strategies and instruments to assess student learning including, but not limited to, classroom observation, classwork, homework, authentic performance tasks, quizzes, tests, and standardized assessment.  Each of these provides a window into individual and cohort learning.

PRSD Guide to Student Assessment

NYS Assessments

Elementary Standards-Based Report Cards

The Pearl River School District uses a standards-based report card to evaluate and report on the growth and achievement of all students in grades K-4. The purpose in using a standards-based grading system is to provide better clarity on the progress of our students toward meeting the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards. While the Pearl River School District has utilized a standards-based system for many years, recent changes to the New York State standards required us to closely examine our grading and reporting system. The PRSD Elementary Standards-Based Report Cards (SBRC) website was designed to provide parents with the information they need to fully understand the elementary report card and feel comfortable with some of the recent changes that have occurred. If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Elementary SRBC