Office of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Welcome to Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Teaching and learning centers on the core mission of the District, “Every Pearl River student can and will learn.”  This goal is realized in graduating students who are college and career ready.  The success of our students,  Kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond, rests in the dual layers of teaching and learning.

The first layer is the work of the District in articulating curricula that are carefully aligned to the NYS Learning Standards.  These written curricula are taught through instruction matched to student needs and expected performance outcomes.  Throughout the process, both teaching and learning are assessed for mid-course and long-term adjustments and benchmark achievement.  It is the learned curriculum that is the true measure of student success.

The second, equally important layer is the partnership in teaching and learning forged between the school, students, and parents.  Individual and collective student success rests in the strength of this collaboration.

Spotlight on Teaching and Learning

The Pearl River School District is a long-standing member of the Tri-State Consortium.  The District periodically invites a team of ‘critical friends’ from this organization to visit and provide feedback on our approach to teaching and learning.